About us

We are a two-person family, living in close proximity to the "Dreiflüssestadt" (city of three rivers) Passau in the south-eastern part of Bavaria. Our home is surrounded by beautiful nature, which is enjoyed by our five cats and the dog. We also own a horse, cared for nearby by a good friend of ours.

Since early childhood we have been around animals and we are very thankful to our parents that they have taught us to appreciate nature and to treat flora and fauna respectfully.

This experience is one of the key principles in our small but beautiful Bengal Cattery.

While visiting a cat exhibit in 2002 we were mesmerized by the spotted appearance of the Bengal cat. Immediately we fell in love with the distinctive beauty and elegant charisma of these mini leopards.

After a lot of research, we went to a special Bengal cat exhibition. There we got to know one of the breeders, who answered our many questions with her incredible knowledge.

Thereafter it was clear that we wanted to add this exotically beautiful and still very new species to our Main Coon tom cat called "Yazoo". With the kitten "Asmodis Cat's Virginia" this dream became true.

drawn from our small neighbor