The desire for a Cat

Imagine after a long day of work, you return home and are greeted by a friendly purr from your cat; doesn't that sound beautiful? You can talk to them and entrust them with something personal, while she lets you express your thoughts without interrupting and listens patiently. Even though that sounds beautiful in itself, you should consider a few things before buying a cat and enjoying their camaraderie.

First and foremost cats are living creatures and not art deco that is to create a jungle atmosphere in your living room. Should you decide for an indoor cat, keep in mind the time you will have to leave the cat locked inside. Maybe you should consider a partner for the cat, if possible a sibling. Playing, resting and going on mini expeditions in a team is simply more fun for them.

Do you have animal loving friends or family members that can take care of the cat while you might be on vacation or feel ill?  For the cat it is much easier to stay in a familiar surrounding than to be exposed to strange new territories all the time.

Should the cat become sick, are you willing and capable of cleaning up after the cat? Or do you, in such a situation feel worse than your pet?

For emergencies you should have the number of the Vet and the closest animal clinic readily available. In the excitement one easily forgets the most important things. It might be easiest to keep a note with the important information in your wallet. That also will help you remember that they have a right and a need for medical care (vaccinations, check ups, etc.) as well.

Good food, interesting toys, different climbing trees for a get-away (which is important for us humans to accept and tolerate), veterinarian visits, all cost money. It would be very selfish to buy an expensive, prestigious cat to then save on other expenses. The best situation for these small exotic animals is an open-air enclosure or at least a secured balcony or terrace. Just as we like to enjoy the outdoors and the sun, so do they.

Cats love to participate in the life of their owners.