Our Kittens

Once or twice a year we are able to participate in a wonder of mother nature and witness the birth of our kittens. It is unbelievable how much tender love a mother has for her young ones.

With each litter we are amazed at how fast the once helpless kittens gain their autonomy of the once so helpless kittens. They barely turn four weeks when they start using their toilet, drink water and try cat food. They even try cat typical behaviours and postures - of course in mini version.

Unfortunately, the weeks until we give them away always pass by way too fast. If we could, we would love to keep every one of them for ourselves, but our mini leopards want to bring the same joy to others as well.

It is very important to us is that their new owners show the necessary responsibility for their upbringing, which includes their physical as well as their mental well being, in good times and in bad times!

At this point we would like to quote the author and photographer Elliot Erwitt: "For humans who love and appreciate domesticated animals…my sympathy is to all people who care about and rely upon the love and comfort of God's fuzzy creatures."

This is the premise we have when we select the new parents of our kittens. Getting to know each other prior to the handover is greatly appreciated.


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Kitten available:

Our queen "
Chansya's Ekaja"
gave birth to four  Kittens
on May, 30th, 2012:

Chansya's Kurkuma   

Chansya's Kia ora   

Chansya's Karrera   

Chansya's Kurry


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